Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Unfortunately Machu Pichu wanted to have a break of so many tourist and guides breaking its balls, so it won´t be possible to visit it for at least two months. The good news is that the Inkas not only built Machu Pichu but also many other "ciudadelas", fortress and worship places that are worth of visiting.

Cuzco, base to get to Valle Sagrado was an ancient Quechua settlement but now is a updated and vibrant city with plenty of bars, restaurants, art galleries and a perfect place to just be around, unwind and have fun. Because of the recent floods and the closure of Inka Trail the city was almost with no tourist and therefore much much cheaper and accessible. So we took it easy, unwound and visited museums, cool bars and surrounding ruins being us the few visitors. So we have an special feeling in this silent valley.

Trekking Valle Sagrado is like feeling yourself in a present past. Scents, food, colours, people faces and symbologies that today we see are the same of centuries ago. While you walk on the terraces carved on the slopes it is so easy to imagine how could have been when the Inkas where the rulers of this land.

These villages made of stone and adobe have this special magnetism ¿the huge mountains, rusted stones, the organic and harmonious shape of the ruins, its people with a simple lifestyle? I guess the perfect balance of them all invites you to lay back and have a break of everything, just as locals do.

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plaza de armas, cusco

cathedral and plaza de armas

left: peruvian flag. right: latinamerican people flag

streets of cusco

bohemian district of San Blas

cusco valley

ollataytambo, sacred valley, the closer I could get to Machu Pichu

this bridge was washed out because of the floods. tired of authorities doing nothing, locals coped the problem fixing it with their own bare hands

after 5 hours of hand made work they managed to have the bridge "operative" for pedestrians

ollataytambo with ruins on the background

stone work was made with finest techniques

ollataytambo ruins

reconstruction of a typical ancient house

amazing slopes and its terraces, we´ve been trekking for 8 hours a day

as buddhist place stupas on peak of the himalayas, inkas made worship arrangements for sun God on top as well.

amazing view of sacred valley with pisaq ruins


  1. Holaaaaa hoy estoy con portatil prestado asique medeja acceder,vaya asaber que hice en elmioque no medeja escrbirte.....
    A pesar de no dejarte comentarios no creas que no sigo el itinerario....Me encantaron las fotos del salar... estaban geniales....
    Buenoa seguir disfrutando del viaje....
    Un beso esta vez desde Castelldefels.... donde estoy haciendo terapia antiestresss

  2. hola chuequi,
    veo que sigues estando en sitios impresionantes y que aún sigues llevando el dribling encima jejejjej! .
    Cuando acabes este viaje lo tienes que enmarcar!.
    saludos gemma,

  3. De lujo Chueco! Está genial el blog che!