Tuesday, 17 November 2009


This is the fifth time I cross the Equator line in this trip, and this time I stay in the south hemisphere...where the summer is warming up hearts and barbecues.

My arrival to Australia was to Cainrs, in the north of Queensland state. This is the tropical area of this country, plenty of rainforest, wildlife and diving paradise. The Great Barrier is a 3000-kilometer of coral reef, diving into its colors and organic shapes is like peering some Beatles psychedelic dream.

Just by chance I met Paula -Brazil- and Marcel -Holland- who are also travelling around the world and we shared a couple of nights and beers two months ago in Jakarta, Indonesia. With no room for hesitation we rented a campervan that would become our home for the next 3 weeks in our way to Byron Bay - Sunshine Coast, surfers territory.

Australia...so expensive, no need to say that we picked the cheapest -and most rusted- vehicle available, just check the pictures. It was not possible to go beyond 80 km/h but still we had lot of fun on this van.

The key to make the trip enjoyable was to be driving half of the day and then stopping wherever we felt like a break. This is the best way to get to know this huge and desolate country. We visited islands, little villages, forests, waterfalls, beaches, caves and dunes.

As we were rolling down we realized that many other tourist are the same way: traveling cheap on a van, and when sunset comes everybody looking for a place to park, start a barbecue and spend a lovely night.
There is an spontaneous camaraderie to share a meal around a table and get to know a lot of cool people.
I´ve met more people on these 3 weeks than in my whole trip. Amazing.

Most of the beaches in Queensland state are just perfect...but only for taking pictures. Threats like sharks, crocodiles and poisonous jellyfish are all around and make it impossible to even touch the water. Each town that we arrived had a special "guest" (read threat), and at the end we just joked "what is coming next...velociraptors? " hehe. The solution: stinger net. It is like a massive playpen into water where you can swim in a relatively "tranquility" while feeling like a dumb being there.

Landscape is like being in a road movie: road motels, gas stations with typical restaurants in the middle of nowhere, long long roads with no one around and few trucks coming and going.
People is very rural and with a simple lifestyle in this part of Australia. Very very friendly and smiley.

Finally after three cool weeks we arrived to Byron Bay. This is a town where you can breath welfare, money and clear air. We had the nice surprise that beaches are free of hazardous creatures, just a line in the horizon of a very cool specie: surfers.

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if you write, sand becomes white

our beloved campervan

our kitchen

marcel and paula

sand-strip in the middle of the ocean - great coral reefs in cairns

stingers net

doing some follow up to work

this is southern hemisphere, so gravity is inverted ;)


giant rat


wild dolphins

everybody surfs, that woman was 60 and she was f***ing skilled

working again

no battery

magnet island

rainbow beach


  1. Bueno, parece que voy a ser la primera!!!! me encanto la camioneta, es muy cool, pero tal cual, te hacen falta los pantalones pata de elefante y una camisa mas sicodelica, sino, es como que no da... increibles los lugares, una vez mas parece que vivis dentro de un programa del national geographic, jajaja, impresionante. Me imaginaba todos bañandose dentro del corralito de "seguridad" que no hubiera metido yo ni los pies... se que estaras en sidney ahora, espero que la estes pasando muy bien. Esperamos el videito y las nuevas noticias!!! besos

  2. Lechon: fascinante todos los lugares, pero en esta ocacion lo tuyo pasa a ser secundario, hoy nacio Catalina, mi ahijada, peso 3,050 kg y despues de superar algun problemita se encuentra en perfecto estado de salud. La mama Cris tambien sin ningun problema. Asi que podes brindar por esta nueva integrante.
    Te mando un beso grande

  3. Que pasada la furgo! Me encanta... increible los delfines, koalas y canguros... que experiencia.


  4. amarillo: cómo que tu ahijada? ya se adjudicó el padrinazgo y quedé fuera de concurso como siempre?? vos ya tenés como 4 ahijados, deja para los demás. ya hablé con el jetón y me puso al tanto de cómo está catalina. pasen fotos.

    iciar: ya estoy en nueva zelanda, al final no la contacté a tu amiga pq estuve a 1000 y no vive muy cerca del centro. tengo que escribirle para agradecerle la invitación. gracias igual por el contacto

    annita: la furgo yo sinceramente pensaba que no llegaba a los 2000 km, pero lo hizo. jeje. ahora estoy en nueva zelanda que es pura naturaleza. vos qué tal con rwanda???

  5. chuequito: holaaaa, divino australia!!! el video impresionante, me encanto, y tiene razon iciar... parece un documental... jajajaja!!!
    Aqui todos mis compañeros de trabajo repiten sin cesar... " que hijo de p..."
    Ah.. y te cuento que Catalina es getona como el padre!!!
    Me aviso el papa que te quedas en tucson hasta mi cumple... ME ALEGRE MUCHO pendejo!! hace años que no festejas conmigo.
    Un beso enorme

  6. Vuelves a demostrar que eres un crack... cuidate mucho chuequito y dale recuerdos al paisaje de mi parte... ;)


  7. PERDON!!!!!! no habia visto este reporte..... en que habre estado pensando esta semana jajajaja..... ME encanto,,,,,, la furgoneta es realmente de pelicula,,,, las playas un sueño (lastima lo de los habitante marino que no permiten disfrutarlas), me encnato la foto donde escribiste en la arena!!!!!!!!1

    Por cierto a mi tambien me gustaría trabajar en un ambiente como ese....aunque dudo que me permitan en el banco hacer una auditoria en la playa jajajajaja.

    Un beso grande