Monday, 24 August 2009


I am on the boat leaving a tiny island in the south of Thailand where I spent the best time of my travels so far. Six days to remember.

From Chian Mai -in the north of the country- I took a plane to Phuket, the infamous island in the south. I hadn´t good reviews of this place -old people looking for cheap sex- so my plan was to inmediatly take the ferry to the next island: Koh Phi Phi.

As soon as we land I take the bus to the pier in the center. Right there I meet Rodolfo -a cool Brazilian- Tomas and Cristina -from Barcelona- and we are all in the same: we want to leave Phuket. The issue: the last ferry was already departed. Tomas and Cristina decided to spend the night and take the ferry the next day. A woman approaches to Rodolfo and me offering a private motorboat that can take us in 45 minutes, but much much more expensive. We looked each other with Rodolfo and say "what the hell, we are already in the pier and Phuket is a dead town" so we took our backpacks and crossed Andaman sea to our so expected paradise.

We took the right decision. The boat made a scenic surrounding of the island just for sunset and minutes later we arrived to the pier. Very good vibes for a place plenty of good vibes.

The island itself is one of the most interesting places I´ve been visiting. Stunning landscapes, nice beaches, friendly people (both locals and tourists) and many cools activities to do. There are no cars nor motorbikes, so everybody just walk or navigate. Believe me, being in Asia with no noise of motors is like being in Heaven.

After 5 minutes we arrived we had a cool lodge so we head to the beach to have a taste of nightlife. We met Kat -a very nice German girl-. The three of us did as much activities as possible: jungle trekking, beaching , saw monkeys, snorkel with sharks, plankton swimming, cliff jumping and partied every night. Last night we camped on Maya Bay, this is the place where "The Beach" movie was shot. Beautiful.

*Tsunami: this island was hit harder by the big wave in 2004. It was completely devastated. Now it has been rebuilt most of it but one still can see that a lot has to be done. On the outskirts of the town you can see wooden chairs, tables and pieces of huts that locals use for firewood now. Today there is an evacuation plan with sign all around the island.

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boat to koh phi phi

sunset in phi phi island




looking for the perfect beach

finally we found it

this paradise only for us

lovely bar next to the beach


not-friendly monkeys

coming back after a fun day

thai food, simply delicious.

Rodolfo, Tomas and Cristina

nightlife on the beach

yes, foam party

evacuation sign


jack (holland) brian (usa) and kat (germany)

swimming with sharks

cliff jumpping

Rodolfo, Kat, Jack, Sara, Andrea, Andrea, Brian

arriving to maya bay "the beach"

WTF of a beach

translation cards

camping on the perfect beach, that´s me on the water

it is so perfect that there is no gravity

sunrise on the same beach

thai band playing

some italians catched a baby shark, it was returned to the water

back to phi phi

this is my face after sleeping on the beach


  1. Simplemente. TE ENVIDIO. Say no more!!!!

  2. holaa chuequitoo queridoo q viaje hermoso noo bueh realmente te envidio que hermoso el mar
    y que linda la alemana jajja buehh
    simplemente hermoso viajee

    estoy medio ocupadda asi que te dejo besoss
    te esperamos te kiero muchoo chau
    ro ferre
    y familia

  3. Lechon: estamos con los viejos viendo este espectaculo, realmente quedamos asombrados con todo lo que estas mostrando, pero mas asombrado con la pinta que portas maestro........ pareces Brat Pitt despues de comer tiburones ja ja ja.......
    Bueno segui disfrutando te mandomos un beso grande. Dice la vieja que te pongas mucha cremita ja ja ja....
    Abrazo grande
    A>marillo, maria marta pa y mama

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOO! Ta loco ese lugar.. IN-CRE-I-BLE!! Es espectacular, muy lindo.. Y tengo que decirte hermanito que estas MUYYYYYYYYYY FACHERO, en serio, y no es " que el ojo del dueño engorda el ganado", es una vision muy objetiva (Bueno, un 15 % de subjetividad puede que haya).
    Me alegra verte tan feliz y disfrutando.
    Un beso enorme.

  5. Chueco, realmente nos seguis sorprendiendo dia a dia con los lugares paradisiacos que estas conociendo, este lugar sin dudas es de lo mejor hasta el momento de tu viaje, por los paisajes, por el buceo por todo. Coincido con los chicos que estas muy fachero, mantenete asi que te queda espectacular.
    Te mando un beso grande, y segui mostrandonos el mundo. Cuidate. Te quiero mucho. Fabian.

  6. Primooooo, haces dar la MAS SANAS DE LAS ENVIDIASSSSS, te felicitoooo
    Mas detalles de la rubia queremossss.

  7. Chueco querido , que impresionante que es este lugar... es realmente un paraiso. Seguí disfrutando y haciéndonos disfrutar a nosotros. Se te vé muy bien (estás muy fachero - muy parecido a mí)
    Te mandamos un beso grande - Cris , Esteban , Juli y Valentín. Fijate cuando puedas en tu hotmail...

  8. gemma: creo que el tiburón era de mentira...

  9. wow, me dejas siempre con la boca abierta! Que pasada. Me encanta como termina el video :)

    Que pasada!

  10. Hola!!!! Realmente el lugar es precioso,,,, si existe un paraisdo estoy segura que es asi..... te felicito porque hay una fotos excelentes.......
    Segui disfrutando.....besos

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  12. qué lindas fotos. Que continúes teniendo un buen viaje.
    Que Dios te bendiga